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Our world has changed, and responsible corporate managers know that video cameras help improve security by thwarting crime and preventing loss. Light, Visibility, Camera Placement, Fluidness, Focus and Retention of Video are what make or break an installation. A video stream that is grainy, choppy, and just plain indecipherable does you and law enforcement no good when trying to dissect and analyze an incident.

Beyond Customer Service – the safety and security of your patrons and employees

Keeping your assets safe is important to you, but keeping your customers and employees safe is even more important, with a state of the art surveillance system in place, your customers and employees will feel more secure knowing the premises are under continuous protection. With the world in its current state, crime fears are rapidly increasing. Implementing a modern CCTV, NVR, or DVR security camera system from Xetra networks Inc. will not only act as a deterrent for potential criminal acts, it will also make your customers and employees feel safer and more comfortable in your establishment and will lead to better customer retention.

Eye in the sky

Keeping a watchful eye on daily operations can give you unbelievable insight to what is going on at your business location. In high traffic locations simple modifications to the floor plan can help alleviate foot traffic and give you the business critical insight to exactly where you can get the best coverage for your next promotional display or featured product.


A Xetra networks Inc. designed surveillance systems offers unparalleled flexibility and integration with your existing systems. Monitor every transaction from your POS system or Kiosk. Send key events to your alarm panel, log every license plate that enters or exits your parking structure, or even count the number of visitors coming in and out of the premises.

Loss Prevention

In these trying economic times the number of property related thefts has skyrocketed. Taking a proactive approach to loss prevention can yield serious results. The theft deterrence and asset protection benefits of a quality video surveillance system are quickly visible and offer fast ROI for today’s cost conscious budgets and should be part of your business toolkit. Whether you are in food service, retail, hospitality, or education Xetra Networks Inc. has the right video surveillance solution for you.

Realizing the investment

Not all theft is merchandise related.

Security camera systems can significantly limit your exposure to frivolous law suits. A single “Slip and Fall” case taken to litigation or settled out of court can pay for your security camera system integration many times over.

Call us and today and work with a team if surveillance and security camera experts that will help design a system that meets your organizations objectives, fits your budget and is based on a communications infrastructure that is nimble and can evolve as your needs change.
DVR, NVR, and Hybrid we’ll help you make the right choice.


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